NZC Women's Development Contracts 2021-22

Several familiar faces are part of the next wave of women’s cricketing talent who have signed Women’s Development Contracts for the 2021-22 season.

Seam bowlers Claudia Green and Molly Penfold travel with the WHITE FERNS to England this winter, while Gabby Sullivan and Kate Anderson were both part of WHITE FERNS squads last summer against England and Australia.

Women’s Development Contracts 2021-22

Kate Anderson (Northern Spirit)

Bella Armstrong (Auckland Hearts)*

Sarah Asmussen (Canterbury Magicians)

Claudia Green (Central Hinds)

Fran Jonas (Auckland Hearts)*

Nensi Patel (Northern Spirit)

Molly Penfold (Auckland Hearts)

Gabby Sullivan (Canterbury Magicians)

*Second Development Contract


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